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Like ripping off a blindfold, this section opens your eyes to society’s broken work model and shows you that everything you’ve been taught about careers is a lie. Just kidding! (But not really). We’ll show you how societal pressures have likely been steering you into a path that’s not your own making. Time to tune out others and start listening to yourself.


You’ve thrown out false understandings of yourself and the world; now it’s time to rebuild your life on your own terms. In this section, you’ll identify what makes you, you—the interests and values that’ll serve as the basis for your road. Forget picking a career off a list. Fulfilling work is built on who you are and what you love.


Vision without action is merely a dream. In other words: you’ve pinpointed the direction you want to head in, now it’s time get off your ass and put in the work! Through action-oriented exercises, we’ll guide you in cultivating the skills, experiences, and grit needed to stop wavering—and start actually making money doing what you love.